Why City Council?

I would consider it an honor to serve on the Eagle Mountain city council.  I am running because I have a desire to serve our community.  I look forward to getting to know each of you better, to learn what you love about Eagle Mountain and what improvements would be most beneficial for you.  I am willing to listen and then go to work representing you.

About Me

My experience and skills include:

  • 29 years of leadership for a company with many changes, rapid growth, and experience weathering a challenging economic downturn
  • Analysis of data to guide decisions and influence direction
  • Achieving goals through rational, incremental objectives
  • Investigating problems to find common ground, and enacting solutions with short-term and long-term benefits

My skills and experience will be beneficial in working on the city council to guide the growth and development of Eagle Mountain as well.

Prioritize Smart Financial Decisions
Support Balanced Strategic Growth
Advocate for Transportation
Promote Retail Development
Expand Trails, Parks and Open Spaces
Voter Information
Contact Me

You can reach me at carolyn4office@carolynlove.org, connect with me on Facebook , or call me at (385) 286-9102.